Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Back But Not Off

It’s getting colder. It’s dark when you get off work. There’s snow and ice on the ground. The wind is really whipping out there. My bed is really warm right now. These are just some of the possible excuses you will use to convince yourself not to run. The challenge is not to give in to them.

Winter is a tricky time for runners. All of the above is true, especially the part about your bed being really warm. But you’ve worked too hard all spring and summer long training for your fall race to let it all go to waste. I have listened to several friends complain about how hard it was to start running again after taking three months off after a half or full marathon. They felt like they were starting over. Why do that to yourself? It makes no sense to let the elements keep you from progressing as a runner.

I will admit I’m not a big fan of running in the cold or in the dark. I especially don’t run in the dark alone for safety reasons. So with the weather getting colder, I am forced to wear more layers when running outdoors. And with the time change, I’ll be doing more workouts indoors.

I refuse to stop running and neither should you. Soon I’ll share how I get through treadmill workouts and offer ideas for running outdoors in the winter. How will you get through the winter months?

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