Monday, February 22, 2010

Flex Diet Update #2

So…about this flexitarian thing. I really want to do it. I mean, it’s not that hard to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat but for some reason, I fell off the bandwagon. I got tired of eating salads, tuna and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Also I don’t know if this was related to my flex ambitions but my nails became brittle and started splitting. After about six weeks, I was pretty much done. So now my goal is to explore more vegetarian options so if or when I try again, I’ll be better prepared. Over the weekend I ate Trader Joe’s meatless corn dogs. They were tasty.

Got any other suggestions? I need them to be easy. Send them my way.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fried Chicken Cravings

Every four to six months I get a craving for fried chicken. Usually it’s Popeye’s spicy chicken or extra crispy Kentucky Fried Chicken. Further feeding this recent craving was the arrival of KFC coupons in the mail. Since my husband had to work late this past Friday and I’d be on my own for dinner, I figured it would be a good time to give into my craving. As I pulled into the drive-thru, a small, still voice said “Get the grilled chicken,” but bad Diva shouted, “Get the ‘good’ stuff.” You can guess which voice I listened to.

Why is it that when you finally eat something you’ve been craving for a while, it doesn’t taste as good? That was the case as I chomped away on my extra crispy KFC chicken Friday night. Plus as soon as I finished eating my meal, my stomach started hurting. This always happens. The grease pays me back by upsetting my stomach.

I asked myself, “Why did you do this to yourself?” Each time I give into my fried chicken cravings, I get sick. I hope the next time, about six months from now, I’ll have the strength to say no. My stomach will thank me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Race Calendar - Part I

Decisions, decisions, decisions…I probably should have posted my 2010 racing calendar this back in January but I had no clue what I was going to do. When I read “Your Best Year Ever” in Runner’s World I thought, “Yes, I’m going to do two 5Ks, two 10Ks and four half marathons” and then I came to my senses. I figured it was more realistic to plan for two to three half marathons and about two 5Ks. But the question remained, “What races would I sign up for?” Before I knew it, it was February, I was starting my half marathon training and I still had no idea which races I was going to do. After my friends ran the Surf City Marathon and Half in Huntington Beach, Calif. on February 7 without me, I was really itching to race. So I buckled down and planned out the first half of the year. Here it goes:

April 25: Glass City Half Marathon
June 6: Rock ‘n Roll San Diego

I was in half marathon mode last year and I want to continue that trend. I’m hoping to set new PRs and have lots of fun. I’m really excited about the Rock ‘n Roll race. I’ve wanted to do one for a while and depending how this race goes, I may try to do another one in the second half of the year. So wish me luck. What are your 2010 racing plans?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away

So what’s up with all this snow? I know it is winter and all but the white stuff has worn out its welcome. Now don’t get me wrong, snow is cool when it’s a few inches and sticks around for a day or two. But when it comes in one foot increments, it gets in the way of my outdoor running routine.

Thirty-two degrees use to be my outdoor running temperature threshold, now it is 20 degrees. I don’t mind running in flurries but a blizzard? I don’t think so. Plus I get annoyed when people don’t shovel their sidewalks. I end up having to slow down to stay on my feet and off the ground.

So I’ve been stuck in treadmill land since the beginning of February. I know treadmill training has its benefits – consistent pace, speed work, intervals, hills – but there are times when I feel like a hamster on a wheel dying to break free.

So snow, you must go. Darn groundhog and your six more weeks of winter.

How are you battling the winter running blues?