Monday, November 9, 2009

Change of Plans

I don’t know if you’re like me but there are times when I am not happy when I have to change my plans, especially when it comes to my running and workout schedules. It’s my “me time” but things happen and I have learned to be flexible.

Just last week, my running schedule was interrupted for a last minute trip out of town. That meant my second tempo workout for the week was cut. I still ran 18 miles but I was planning to do about 25 miles so I fell short. This week I’ll be traveling as well so I am adjusting my schedule to run the next five days straight since I won’t have time to run during a weekend trip to the East coast. And when I return it may be a day or two before I can hit the streets so I want to get my miles in before my trip.

People often ask me how I fit in my runs and workouts. I just establish a schedule and stick with it. Whenever possible, I plan activities and outings around my workouts. For example, a year ago I went to a workout class, rushed home to shower and get dressed with about five minutes to spare before heading to see a musical. Other times, I travel with running shoes and workout gear and use a friend’s gym guest pass or run laps around a relative’s home to get my miles in. This probably sounds a little crazy but my runs and workouts are important to me.

I realize everyone isn’t able to do this. Family, work and life often get in the way. But I encourage you to give it a try. Just like work, sleep and cooking for the family are important, you’re health is important too. Make you a priority and stick with it. And let me know how it goes.

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