Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flex Diet Update

So I’ve been a practicing flexitarian for a week or so and I’m doing okay. It made me realize how little fruits and vegetables I had been eating lately. I spent most of week one eating cheese pizza, which I don’t think was a good thing. Oatmeal or a multigrain, high fiber cereal is my typical breakfast. Lunch is peanut butter and jelly or a salad. Dinner (when I usually eat meat) is teriyaki chicken and jasmine rice or a turkey burger or grilled chicken and veggies. This week I started with cheese pizza again but I also had tuna salad. Snacks include almonds, dried cranberries and nonfat strawberry yogurt. I plan to hit the library and the Internet for more vegetarian meal ideas. Feel free to send your suggestions my way.


  1. While at the library or bookstore, you may want to check out these vegetarian/vegan cookbooks:

    1. Vegan Soul Kitchen - Bryant Terry

    2. Skinny B*tch in the Kitch - There's a Green Goddess pasta recipe (also available online) that a friend made for me & it was really good.

    3. Other good resources for vegetarian/vegan recipes are the sites that come up when you Google "Daniel Fast" or "Daniel Fast recipes". We used a lot of these sites while on the Daniel Fast. Some of the recipes call for gluten free products, which are also very easy to find now.

    * We ate a lot of mushrooms on things too. Sauteed mushrooms (extra virgin olive oil) are good substitutes on things liked baked potatoes, whole wheat pasta, long grain brown rice or just by themselves. We also liked baked sweet potatoes.

    *We also ate veggie sushi/California rolls w/brown rice (try to find some without high fructose corn syrup & other sweeteners).

    *We also ate a lot of beans. We tried to incorporate them into lunches or dinners for protein and more fiber. We'd mix them in to brown rice or make a 5 bean veggie chili.

    Hope this helps! When I remember other stuff, I'll post more later. Keep up the great work & good luck!

  2. Another one you may want to check out is The G Free Diet. It's a gluten free diet/recipe book. I haven't read this one but I've considered getting it from the library. It's Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book. ;-)