Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Races Aren’t Marathons or Are They?

Have you ever noticed how some non-runners refer to all races, regardless of the distance, as marathons? I have. I’m not bringing this up to ridicule them but to raise the question, “aren’t all races marathons in some way?”

The Merrian – Webster Dictionary defines a marathon as an endurance contest. They are grueling 26.2 mile races that push runners to their limit. People spend months getting ready for race day. I’m told finishing is part physical and part mental and people look at you different when you tell them you’ve done one.

Marathons rank up there with triathlons and century rides – those amazing feats crazy people accomplish. But the definition of amazing varies depending on the person. Amazing for you may be walking or running a charity 5K or training with friends for a local 10K – putting one foot in front of the other and pushing yourself to keep going when you really want to stop. Whatever the distance, it’s amazing, it’s a marathon and you did it. Be proud.

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