Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Life Gets in the Way of Your Running

I know I’ve been kinda quiet in the blogosphere lately. I’ve been traveling a lot and struggling to find the time to run let alone write for my blog. Add a new work routine that includes a 1-hour commute one-way and I have a recipe for falling off the running wagon.

Normally I would say life can wait for my run. I usually plan activities around my workouts, ensuring I get them in. If that meant getting up early to run before work or making sure I have an afternoon snack so I have the energy to run after work, I did it. Now I’m trying to see how I’m going to work out this new wrench in my running routine.

I’m not a morning person plus it’s cold in the morning now so early weekday runs are out of the question. Some people run on their lunch hour but if I did that, it would require bringing a change of clothes and toiletries to work, which I don’t have the energy or motivation to do right now. So that leaves running after I get home from work. That’s what I did last night and it went well – a 4 mile run on the treadmill. I also plan to run tonight.

My one hang up about running after work is I feel guilty asking my husband to cook dinner so we’re not eating at 8 o’clock at night. Now don’t get me wrong, I love when he cooks. I’m so glad I married a man who can handle his own in the kitchen because I don’t want to cook every day. I just start to feel bad when he does it all the time. I mean he works too and I’m sure he would appreciate dinner being done when he comes home from time to time. So I’m going to have to balance my schedule with days where I’ll cook dinner so he doesn’t get burned out. Not sure if that’s going to happen this week but we’ll see.

It’s great to have his support in the kitchen. Now if I could only turn him into a runner…


  1. Good for you for still making the time to run in your hectic schedule! I know you're still ironing out the kinks but I'm sure you'll figure out a schedule that works well for you.

    Congrats on the new position! Do you like it? Where is it located? You'll have to email me with the details. Wow! A daily two hour commute? I admire you; I didn't like my 40 minute commute each way. I think it would be better on a train or something but as you know, we don't have those in Columbus. ;-(

  2. @Shawnta' - Running is a never ending work in progress for me. Still working out the kinks of my training schedule but I remain positive I'll be able to get my miles in. Thanks for reading RunDivaRun.