Sunday, January 24, 2010

When the GI Tract Attacks

I’ve been debating whether to write about this topic for a while. It’s kinda embarrassing, one of those things you do but you don’t talk about. But after reading “A Few Rules to Run By” in the January issue of “Runner’s World,” I figured why not, the cat’s already out of the bag, so here I go.

There are lots of benefits to running – better health, weight loss, reduced stress, etc. I’ve mentioned them time and time again. But there are some interesting and sometimes unpleasant side effects, namely GI issues or to put it plainly gas. All that bouncing around combined with a healthy, high fiber diet is bound to keep things moving so to speak. You just try to have a bathroom break before heading out for a run and hope for the best.

As you already know, I started running with a new running group several months ago. When I went out on my first group run, I ran with two nice, older guys who were kind enough to slow down and run with me. Our run took us through this nice wooded preserve. It was my first outdoor run after a week of hotels and treadmills and it felt good. I was enjoying the conversation and the scenery. About a mile or so into the run, my nose started to pick up an interesting odor. I think “Did one of these guys pass gas? No, that couldn’t be it. It’s just something in the air.” We kept running along and I smelled it again. I brushed it off again and just kept running. We were about 4.5 miles into the run and then I heard it and thought “Yes, one of these guys is passing gas. I knew it.” I just laughed to myself, kept on going and thought “What a way to break me into the club.”

Now I’ve had my share of GI issues while running. Bathroom pit stops and trying to not eat too close to going for run help. Have any GI stories that you’re brave enough to share?

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