Saturday, January 9, 2010

Falling in Love

I don’t know about you but I remember I would get on my friends’ last nerves each time I started seriously dating a guy. If we are talking about music, I’d chime in “my boyfriend likes that song.” If we were debating basketball, I’d go “oh such and such thinks this team is great.” And I seriously would go on and on no matter how obscure the topic.

In retrospect, I think I do the same thing when it comes to running. I’m just so excited about my new love and I want others to feel the way I do. I’m always trying to work my running and workout schedule into conversation. Then I’ll mention which races I’m doing, running gear – the shoes, the clothes, the gadgets and on and on. Being the good friends they are, they humor me and listen. But deep down, I hope my enthusiasm rubs off on them and they catch running fever too.

It’s like when you get a good deal on a pair of shoes that are to die for, you can’t wait to tell your girlfriends. Well I found a great deal in running that’s to live for and I’m telling everyone. Hopefully, they’ll run out, fall in love and get a good deal too.


  1. You don't go on and on. You're an inspiration. But I think it will take a little more than your excitement to help us. Sadly. Keep doing what you're doing. I hope you rub off on us too.

  2. @looking up: Stay encouraged. It will happen in time.