Saturday, March 27, 2010

That’s So Zen

A few weeks ago, an old middle school classmate asked me, “What do I listen to when I run?” My answer was the voices in my head. Seriously one of the benefits of running is working out your frustrations. It’s the way I decompress.

I’m a thinker. Situations from work, home, friends, wherever, run through my mind constantly. Sometimes a good run is the only way to calm the voices so I can focus on the moment I’m in right now, not the boring meeting a work about new policies that don’t make any sense and won’t improve anything. I may be fussing and fighting in my head when I start running but four or five miles later, I’m on cloud nine.

This cycle lets me know for sure there is a runner’s high, a sense of peace, that all is well with the world and that is totally Zen.

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