Thursday, October 22, 2009

Animal Sighting on the Run

One of the joys of running outdoors is that you get to experience the great outdoors – fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature. With that comes the excitement of running past docile deer and the fear of running past a dog that is not on its leash or scary wild animals like foxes, coyotes and snakes. And you are bound to spot a few unpleasant things on a run like road kill i.e. dead animals.

For some reason I tend to spot a few dead animals every month. The first time it happened I was running a 1.5 mile loop near my home. I noticed a cat lying in the grass and it didn’t move at all as I ran by. The second time I ran by, it was in the same position and it was wet from the sprinklers. I’m a little slow but I finally put two and two together and realized it was dead. Ugh! - Sad and gross at the same time. Other road kill sightings include squirrels, possum and deer. It’s always visually jarring and slightly disturbing but I keep on running.

I’m not quite sure why I wanted to share this because it may seem gross but I can’t be the only one running by road kill. Sometimes I want to say “Guess what I saw today?” and have someone to relate to. What have you ran by lately?

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