Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Compact Remedy to a Salty Problem

You ever notice how some people have white stuff on their faces after a tough workout or a long run. Most likely they, like me, are salty sweaters. All that white stuff is running badge of honor called dried salt. Sometimes I have so much on my face, I feel like I could be used as a salt lick.

That’s why I was so excited when I saw Neutrogena’s new Deep Clean Sport On-The-Go Cleansing Wipes on the company’s website. A few days after discovering them, I purchased a box at my local grocery store.

I had two requirements before the wipes could get my seal of approval. First it had to clean my face without drying it out. Second it couldn’t cause breakouts.

I figured the Glass City Marathon would be a good time to put them to the test. After I finished the half marathon, I slipped the individually wrapped wipe out of my pocket and cleaned my face. The wipe had a pleasant scent. Even though I didn’t have a mirror, I would tell it was removing the salt and dirt on my face. The tell tale signs of my run were gone when I was done. When I got home an hour and a half later and looked in the mirror, my face looked dewy and refreshed – no dry spots, no salt. I showered and completed my daily skincare routine and haven’t experienced any breakouts.

Now you’re probably thinking – why don’t I just carry a towel like so many other runners? I gave that a try but didn’t like having to keep up with while I was running. The wipe easily fits into the arm wallet I use for my cell phone so my hands are free. I also tried paper towels but they were rough and left lint on my face. I’ve used the Neutrogena wipes several more times since Glass City and I’m still pleased with how they work. If you’re a salty sweater like me, you might want to give them a try.

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